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> George Washington and The Peril of Foreign Entanglements

Having been intimately associated with Objectivism for many years, I find it disconcerting that in the tributes to George Washington being circulated by both the Ayn Rand Institute and Hermès Leather Jumping Boots w/ Tags Clearance Online mvrlzpA
, neither mentions one of the most important legacies the first President left to the young America: Clearance Outlet Locations Looking For Sale Online Prada PointedToe Loafer Pumps Cheap Sale Perfect Discount Ebay Particular Discount Fmyeab

In that Farewell Address, Washington warned against the peril of foreign entanglements. He understood the necessity of certain alliances in dire emergencies, but his view of foreign policy encapsulates a wisdom that has been forgotten by today's generation of political leaders. As we near"President's Day," I thought I'd post an excerpt from Washington's famous address:

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Warner Todd Huston - 5/14/2006

Mr. Sciabarra. While I am not the biggest fan of Ayn Rand, I have to say you are using Washington’s warning of foreign entanglements incorrectly. Though it is a very common misconception, Washington was absolutely NOT saying we should NEVER have anything to do with other nations. Washington meant only to steer clear of European alliances and entanglements only for as long as it took to get the USA consolidated and strong in the face of superior European power. In a letter to Gouverneur Morris on Dec. 22, 1795, Washington mentioned how he envisioned that the USA would be strong enough to hold its own about 20 years after the country’s birth, that, until that time, he wanted his country to be left alone and clear of European meddling so that the USA’s position would be unassailable. So, Washington’s warning was one of the immediate future NOT one of a permanent nature. It should also be remembered that the US was FULLY involved in trade negotiations with every European nation at the time Washington issued his farewell address, so even as he was warning about foreign entanglements, the country was already so entangled. A clear and concise monograph on this subject can be seen in the book, “To the Farewell Address”, by Felix Gilbert. (1961 Princeton Press) Like I mentioned, many people misuse this point about “Foreign Entanglements” and few realize its full meaning. You aren’t alone in this. Lastly, just on a point of clarification, the Farewell Address was initially drafted by Madison, with revisions by both Washington and Hamilton. Thanks, Warner Todd Huston

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